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I consider it an honor to serve the people of Arapahoe County Commissioner District 1. I look forward to bring in the skills and knowledge that I have gained.  Please feel free to contact me! I love to hear your thoughts and concerns on any issue that is important to you and your family or your business. I look forward to hearing from you!

How I got in the race: 

IMG_0339In January of 2015, I received a surprising phone call from a current County Commissioner who called to ask me if I would be willing to run for commissioner in 2016. I was truly honored.  As I have spent more time with the county commissioners this off session, I now understand why Trent Bushner, President of Colorado Counties Inc., might have thought of me to be one of the strongest candidates due to my state experience with state department heads and knowledge of how to navigate around the state level special interests in order to accomplish my goals as I have represented you. Colorado has been my home over 30 years, with 22 of those years in Arapahoe County.  I look forward to taking my legislative experience and county expertise to work for you as a commissioner in 2017!